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ARQNL 2014 Volume Information
Volume:Christoph Benzmüller and Jens Otten (editors)
ARQNL 2014. Automated Reasoning in Quantified Non-Classical Logics

ARQNL 2014 Volume Information

Title:ARQNL 2014. Automated Reasoning in Quantified Non-Classical Logics
Editors:Christoph Benzmüller and Jens Otten
Series:EPiC Series in Computing
Publication date:December 14, 2015


Damien Doligez, Jael Kriener, Leslie Lamport, Tomer Libal and Stephan MerzCoalescing: Syntactic Abstraction for Reasoning in First-Order Modal Logics1-16
Ping Hou and Yifei ChenA Logic for Verifying Metric Temporal Properties in Distributed Hybrid Systems17-30
Jens Otten and Thomas RathsProblem Libraries for Non-Classical Logics31-36
Christoph BenzmüllerHOL Provers for First-order Modal Logics --- Experiments37-41
Till Mossakowski, Mihai Codescu, Oliver Kutz, Christoph Lange and Michael GrüningerProof Support for Common Logic42-58
Max Wisniewski and Alexander SteenEmbedding of Quantified Higher-Order Nominal Modal Logic into Classical Higher-Order Logic59-64
Jesse AlamaDialogues for proof search65-70
Hans De NivelleTheorem Proving for Logic with Partial Functions Using Kleene Logic and Geometric Logic71-86


3automated theorem proving
2intuitionistic logic, modal logic, theorem proving
1axiomatization, common logic, dialogical logic, dialogue games, distributed hybrid systems, embedding, experiments, first order modal logics, higher order automated theorem provers, higher order logic, hybrid logic, logic translation, logics for partial functions, metric temporal logic, nominal logic, non classical logics, problem libraries, proof calculus, proof search, quantified dynamic logic, temporal logic, three valued logic, tla